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“Years ago, I had some dental experiences that weren’t very good, and I stopped going to the dentist altogether. As a result my teeth were starting to hurt, and I knew I had to do something soon. I was very worried about finding a good dentist. I really needed someone who would understand how I felt, and be very patient and gentle with me. Dr. Prete’s office was exactly what I was looking for. I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore, and I tell all my friends about you.” – Teresa H., Marysville

“When my wife and I first moved to the Everett area, we didn’t know anyone here. We needed to find a dentist for our family, someone who was great with kids, and could take care of the whole family, but we had no idea who to pick. My wife became friends with a woman at church who recommended Dr. Prete. The staff was great and suggested that I try the laughing gas (at no charge) and stereo headphones. It turned out to be the best dental appointment I ever had.” – Travis L., Everett